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 Stacksteads Shop

214 Newchurch Road

OL13 0TS

Opening Times

Friday 4pm - 9.45pm

Saturday 4pm - 9.45pm

Sunday 4pm - 9.45pm




Bare Arts Brewery

Todmorden Shop

108/110 Rochdale Road

Ol14 7LP


Opening Times


Thursday &  Friday

4pm - 9.45pm


Saturday 12 noon - 9.45pm


Sunday 12 noon - 9.45pm










At barearts we brew a wide range of fine ales ranging from our lesser strength crisp and clear beers to our stronger beers which develop with age.

All our beers are single hopped.

All barearts beers are bottled conditioned. A little yeast is left in the beer.

This allows a secondary fermentation to take place in the bottle. It is this process which makes real ale unique amongst beers and develops the wonderful tastes and aromas which chilled and filtered bottle beers lack. Bottled conditioned beers are a superior product to draft beers and take much more time, effort and skill to produce.

Barearts is a craft brewery. We brew just over 1000 bottles a brew and each brew is unique.  All barearts beers are brewed with the finest malted barley.


We then triple drop our beers.  This is a lengthy and time consuming process which we feel is well worth the effort as it leaves very little yeast in the bottle.

This produces a much clearer finished beer.

Our beers are then bottled and labelled by hand.













At barearts brewery we brew heavily hopped, bottle conditioned ales, the stronger ones of which have been specially brewed for maturing. We now have a range of matured vintage ales.

These ales have been aged for over 12 months and are very rare and special.

Collecting beers for maturing can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As a rule most beers are drunk fresh as they are low in alcohol and lightly hopped. These beers are best enjoyed before the ravages of light, heat and time denigrate their flavours and character. But some beers actually improve over time

becoming more balanced and complex.

Old and matured ales are very hard to come by so stock up now and you'll be glad you did in years to come!







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